New PUBG map Karakin coming, will reportedly replace Vikendi

It looks quite similar to Miramar.

Image via PUBG Corp.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new map. PUBG Corp. had been teasing it for a while and we have finally gotten short footage of the desert-themed map, Karakin.

The map will most likely be launching with Season Six of the battle royale game. There have also been several reports that suggest it will replace Vikendi.

When a player asked PUBG community manager Hawkinz on Twitter whether his favorite map, Vikendi, was indeed getting removed, the manager responded saying, “It’s my favorite map too! Unfortunately, it isn’t for most players. You’ll hear more details about what’s in Season 6 (or what isn’t) once we release the patch notes in the next day or so.”

Hawkinz later cleared a bit of air about the removal of the map. He revealed in a tweet that Vikendi will be “rotating out” when the new season will begin but this won’t be a permanent change. Players can still enjoy the map’s snowy terrain on custom matches, however.

It seems that PUBG Corp. is adding a map rotation feature to the game. The matchmaking queues, which a lot of players already complain about, will just go worse with five maps in the game. To prevent this from happening, only four maps will be playable in classic matches at a particular time.

The update’s patch notes will be releasing in the next few days will clear the air around what PUBG Corp. has decided to do with the maps. Till then, fans can take to the skies in Erangel and Miramar with the new Motor Glider which just dropped into the game.