How to use PUBG Lookup to see player stats

Use PUBG Lookup to track your performance.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Lookup is an excellent site for players trying to find in-depth information about their recent PUBG matches. It breaks down a player’s performance, accuracy, travel distance, and other helpful information. Using PUBG Lookup might seem confusing at first, but it is an easy process to learn. 

To find your stats on PUBG Lookup, you need to know your PUBG player name, the region you play in, and what platform you play on. For example, a PC player in North America would select the PC North America (pc-na) option. You must enter your PUBG name exactly as it appears in-game for the search to work. 

If the information was entered correctly, you will be presented with your recent PUBG stats from the last two weeks. This includes the maps you played, the number of kills in each match, your recent teammates, and other useful information. The profile also breaks down stats by game mode if you want to see how you perform solo and with a team. 

Players can also access their lifetime stats by pressing the Full Stats button on the right side of their profile. This breaks down player performance by season, which is useful to track progression over time. This information is less detailed as match reports are only available for roughly two weeks. 

Players can also look up another player’s stats with the player search option. This is a great way to see how you stack up against your friends and determine which player is actually bringing the team down. 
PUBG Lookup is a great way to track your performance in PUBG without much hassle. Just remember your region, platform, and PUBG name to access your in-depth stats.