How to play Zombies mode in PUBG

A spookier way of playing PUBG.

Image via PUBG Corporation

Compared to Fortnite, PUBG always had a more strict military concept that made it feel closer to the real deal. If a battle royale scenario were to occur in real life, it would probably be close to the PUBG experience. But sometimes thinking outside of the box is key to keeping the gameplay fresh.

With the release of PUBG Mobile in 2017, the developers started experimenting with more game modes, and those that were well-received by the community were slowly added to the PC and console versions of the game. Though the community often jokes about the mobile version being the superior version, PC and console users usually get to play more chiseled versions of the hit game modes.

While a zombie mode in PUBG sounds a bit far-fetched, it’s one of the better modes to play. You’ll either be one of the zombies or a human in a zombie match, but humans will always be outnumbered one-to-five. Being a zombie looks a lot easier at first, but you’ll be at a severe disadvantage during the early game since humans thrive in long-range fights.

Getting in your first zombie mode match can be a struggle if you haven’t played any other game mode before, though, and here’s how you can join in the fun.

How to create a Custom Zombie Match in PUBG?

  • Launch PUBG.
  • Click on Play from the top bar and choose “Custom Match.”
  • A panel on the left should appear with multiple game modes, and zombie mode will be there for you to select it.
  • You can quickly create a lobby with the preset settings or adjust them to your liking.
  • If you’re setting up a custom match from scratch and want players to see it, you’ll need to set it to public from private.
  • The server location will be defaulted to the closest server to your location, but you can also change it if you’re gaming during off-hours for your region.
  • You’ll also have the option to pick any map you’d like. If you’re hoping to be on the human team, Vikendi can be a great option as there will be fewer spaces for zombies to wait out the early game.
  • The custom lobby also gives you the option to adjust how many players you’d like to have on the human team. The usual ratio is one-to-five, but feel free to experiment with all the crazy ideas you may have.
  • Don’t forget to pick favorite weather or a rainy night for the ultimate survival experience.
  • Most lobbies turn off zombie-to-zombie damage, but you’ll have the option to turn it off just in case if they’d decide to turn on each other.
  • Remember that custom matches aren’t matchmade experiences and you’ll need to wait for your lobby to fill enough players, or you can just join another user’s match.

How to join a premade Custom Zombie Match in PUBG?

Creating your own match isn’t the only way of getting into a zombie match in PUBG. Once you click on Custom Match through the Play menu, you should instantly be greeted with servers created by other players like yourself.

If you’re having a tough time identifying the zombie mode games from the others on the list, then you can filter them by clicking on zombie mode from the left panel.

Try to pick servers that are closest to you for the best gaming experience and prioritize lobbies with a decent number of players in them. This will allow you to skip waiting for new players to join a lobby.

How to play as a Zombie in PUBG’s Zombie mode?

You may feel like your time may have finally come after watching years of The Walking Dead, but things are never as simple as it’s portrayed on TV. While some players will find success during the early game by running around like maniacs to hunt down humans, any sensible player who was quick enough to find themselves a gun won’t give you the satisfaction of outmaneuvering them.

The key to surviving the early game as a zombie is through forming a horde. United, you’ll be strong. Divided, you’ll fall. Even if you end up not making it, staying close to each other will give you the best odds for a zombie’s version of the chicken dinner.

If you’re insisting on playing like a lone wolf, the least you can do is to lay down in the grass to wait a couple of circles. You’ll reach your full potential when you can start cornering humans.

You can quickly rush a squad who’s holding a house close to the circle since they’ll have nowhere to go. Remember that you’ll always be at a disadvantage if you aren’t outnumbering humans by at least five individuals since you can easily get two-tapped with headshots.

How to play as a Human in PUBG’s Zombie mode?

Playing as a human in the zombie mode is closer to the core gameplay of PUBG, making it easier to adjust. The main difference is, however, abandoning your brethren is more likely to get you eliminated. While you can ninja your way around to solo loot without your squad in normal matches, zombies can instantly surround and corner you out from the rest of the humans.

You’ll be at your most vulnerable when you’re changing magazines, meaning you’ll always need someone to watch your back. Considering zombies never stop and keep running at you even with their last breath, the smallest cover can make the difference between survival and spectating the rest.

Always look out for magazine extensions since you can’t have enough bullets queued up for your chamber in a zombie apocalypse, and mind your positioning when you capture high ground.

While getting a bird’s eye view will be significantly safer than running around with zombies, you may accidentally corner yourself if you don’t pay attention to how the zone’s been developing.