Here are the PUBG Continental Series 2: North America results

The Soniqs were on top the entire event.

Image via PUBG

After 24 matches across three weeks, the Susquehanna Soniqs completed a dominant showing by closing the PUBG Continental Series Two: North America with three Chicken Dinners in their final eight matches. 

No one even came close to matching the Soniqs, who finished with eight total Chicken Dinners, three ahead of second-place Oath Gaming. 

Overall, Soniqs racked up 111 placement points and 154 kill points, ending the event with 265 points and walking away with the $50,000 grand prize. The team will also receive 25 percent of the community-funded prize pool generated through the PCS2 Pick Em’ Challenge and in-game sales. 

Image via PUBG

Soniqs took the lead early in the event, holding the top spot at the end of week one and defending that spot in week two. Oath and Shoot to Kill both had a good shot at making a late run heading into week three, but James “TGLTN” Giezen wouldn’t be denied as he led in nearly every statistical category to close out the tournament. 

“Winning feels like a huge relief,” TGLTN said. “I haven’t really felt like I had a chance to shine in the past, so this has been a long time coming after tons of hard work. The highlight for me was popping off in the first couple of games. I had some really nutty clutch plays and it was a good confidence boost going into the next matches.”

The PCS2 was the third Major PUBG Esports event of 2020, and with Soniqs winning it, the NA big three have each claimed one of the titles. Oath and Shoot To Kill have previously won the PCS Charity Showdown and PCS1 respectively before rounding out the top three of PCS2 with Soniqs. 

“Historically, we have been coming at the top two or three of North American competition for a while,” Soniqs coach Yi “Syllogic” Jong Eo said. “It feels good to finally take the chip in such a dominant fashion and reward our efforts as a team in making this progress so quickly. I think the effort put forth by the boys and the team have shown how truly focused we are and that we know how to win.” 

Now it will be a heated race between the three teams to see which of them can take the PCS3 title when the NA group stage begins on Oct. 2.