Hardcore mode returns to PUBG Mobile today


Image via Tencent

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile fans who are looking forward to enjoying the competitive battle royale experience from their phones are in luck––Hardcore Mode is back.

The PUBG Mobile Twitter informed fans of the good news today, explaining that the popular mode is now live. Hardcore mode is a way for mobile players to get a taste of the PC experience, appealing to players who enjoy difficult, yet rewarding, gameplay.

“No sound prompts, no auto opening, fully manual controls,” the tweet reads. “The realistic survival experience has returned to PUBG Mobile.”

Hardcore mode tries to bridge the gap between mobile and PC by taking off the training wheels. Players won’t automatically pick up weapons, items, or ammo and doors won’t open without your command. Automatic reloading is also removed, forcing you to manually input these commands.

Sound also becomes more important without the system’s sound prompts. PUBG Mobile players will have to use their experience and ears to figure out where gunshots are coming from.

It’s unclear how long the popular mode will stick around. But seeing how popular it is among the player base, it’ll likely continue to make appearances from time to time.