Elevate is the latest esports organization to pick up a PUBG roster

The esports scene for PUBG is growing.

Image via Bluehole Inc.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to knock on the door of the esports world, as another organization has picked up a roster for the battle royale game.

Elevate has entered the fray of PUBG with a five man roster, including Dakota “Shraded” Freelon, Sawyer “Swisher” Buck, Justin “Nopnop” Regan, Aurimas “DizzyLT” Maldaikis, and Jason “Drunk” Slade.

Elevate posted a tweet and a cool video on Friday to make the announcement, showing off highlights of the squad in competitive play.

With the recent news that esports teams and tournament organizers can now apply for custom games access, and teams like TSM officially announcing full rosters, it seems like the esports growth for PUBG is inevitable.

In June, PUBG became the second-most watched game on Twitch. That success is no doubt inspiring esports organizations to invest in the scene, so TSM and Elevate are just the beginning.