PUBG Mobile releases Team Deathmatch mode in 0.13.0 beta

Is this mode intended to help PUBG Mobile compete with Call of Duty Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile released the 0.13.0 beta yesterday on its official Discord server for Android devices. The main highlight of the update is the new Team Deathmatch mode coming to PUBG Mobile.

Team Deathmatch will be available in both first-person and third-person perspective. It’ll place teams of up to four players in a small map where players respawn upon being killed. The objective is to reach the kill score limit before the opposing team. It’s unclear if the mode will be available for a limited time or if it’ll remain in PUBG Mobile.

Team Deathmatch may have been released in an effort to take on Call of Duty Mobile, which is expected to release a global beta this summer. Call of Duty Mobile will primarily have five-vs-five modes, like Team Deathmatch, along with a battle royale mode that will likely be direct competition for PUBG Mobile.

The 0.13.0 beta will also include some other features, such as the option for separate jump and climb buttons so that players can effectively hide behind structures without accidentally climbing over them.

There’s also a separate HUD setting for FPP and TPP in the beta. Players who use a separate HUD in these game modes will definitely benefit a lot since they now won’t have to go through the hectic process of customizing their HUD whenever they play both modes.

The results tab of players’ profiles will now show MVPs as well. A bunch of new voices and commands are present in the beta, too. In Vikendi, walking, crawling, or operating a vehicle on snow will now leave marks.

Some changes to the zombie modes are also in the beta. This includes four new zombies, freezing fog from the liquid nitrogen mine lasting longer, and a building called “abandoned factory,” which has a lot of resources and a new boss.

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