You can get an Empoleon with Hydro Cannon during the upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day

Get ready to grind for another powerful Water-type.

Image via Niantic

The next Pokémon Go Community Day is going to let players easily encounter and have more opportunities to capture the Penguin Pokémon, Piplup. This will also be the only way to get an Empoleon with the strongest Water-type move in the game. 

Hydro Cannon got nerfed in a recent update, but now you can have another Water-type starter with the powerful move in its arsenal as long as you evolve your Prinplup during the Jan. 19 Community Day. 

As you walk around and capture the numerous Piplup that will be popping up, keep in mind that you’ll need a total of 125 Piplup Candy to evolve the smaller penguin twice and get your event Empoleon. It takes 25 Candy to reach Prinplup and an additional 100 to get an Empoleon.

If you want to maximize how viable your Empoleon can be, make sure you only focus on evolving the best of the fourth-gen Water-type starter that you catch. This will help you minimize the amount of Candy you have to use, while also ensuring you can use your new Pokémon during Gym Battles, raids, and PvP matches. 

Hydro Cannon is a 90 base power move that can absolutely rip through any Pokémon with a Water-type weakness. When paired with Empoleon’s bulky defenses, you’ll have a perfect tank that can crush some weird matchups. 

From 11am to 2pm in the Northern Hemisphere or 3pm to 6pm for the Southern Hemisphere on Jan. 19, Piplup will constantly spawn at an increased rate regardless of your surroundings. The start time begins based on your local time, so the Piplup Community Day will start at 11am CT. 

As always, there will be an extended two-hour period after the event ends where you can evolve your Piplup to an Empoleon and still get Hydro Cannon before the special move is locked away again.