Where to find Stonjourner in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Sorry, Shield players.

Pokémon Sword and Shield
Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sword and Shield have a variety of version-exclusive Pokémon for players to catch. One of these Pokémon is Stonjourner, a Rock-type species that resembles Galar’s many standing stones. Stonjourner is a rare find, but with a little luck and a lot of patience, players will be able to add the Big Rock Pokémon to their team before they take on the Elite Four.

Unless found in a Max Raid Battle, Stonjourner won’t appear until later in the game after the player has obtained the eighth badge. The Rock-type species does not evolve and is described in the Pokédex as standing idly in grasslands and forming up in circles once a year—what’s seemingly a reference to Stonehenge.

Because Stonjourner is exclusive to Pokémon Sword, players who own the Shield version of the games will need to acquire the Rock-type via trade. Those who are playing Sword, however, will be able to encounter Stonjourner in a few different areas in the Galar region.

Stonjourner can be found on Route 10. After defeating the final gym, players can take the train to Wyndon and trek through the snowy route on their way to the city. In the route’s central area, the stone-like Pokémon will appear as a random encounter, meaning fans will need to interact with the exclamation points that occasionally pop up from the grass to get a chance at encountering the Pokémon.

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Players can also find the Rock-type in the Lake of Outrage section of the Wild Area after defeating the final gym. Stonjourner appears as a random encounter in the grass but will only do so during certain types of weather. Players will need to return to the area during Intense Sun or Sandstorm weather patterns or go into their Switch’s system settings and change their console’s time to manually change the weather themselves.