Where to find Ponyta in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

It's one of Diamond and Pearl's only Fire types.

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Though Ponyta may not seem like an exceptional Pokémon, it holds a rarefied status in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl; it’s one of only two Fire types in the game, next to Chimchar and its evolutionary line. While the games aren’t impossible to beat without a Fire type, they certainly make events like the trek to Snowpoint City and the eventual Ice-type Gym significantly easier. If you didn’t choose Chimchar, here’s where to find a Ponyta to add a little firepower to your team.

The earliest place to find a Ponyta is Route 211, east of Eterna City. Though relatively rare, they do appear in the grass next to the gentle base slopes of Mt. Coronet. If you’re having trouble with Eterna’s Grass-type gym, spend a little time looking for a Ponyta and training it in this area. Once you reach the other side of the route later in the game, you can also find them in that adjoining patch of grass.

Shortly after defeating the Eterna gym, you gain access to Route 206, which is better known as Cycling Road. Once you’ve got a bike, check the grass underneath the road for a good chance at finding an elusive Ponyta. They’re notably more common here than on Route 211.

After a short absence, Ponyta appears on Route 210 between Solaceon Town and Celestic Town. While fighting through the fog, look for Ponyta on the southern part of the route in the tall grass. They’re especially common in the afternoon hours.

If you don’t catch one while heading to Celestic Town, check again on Route 214. Any of the route’s grass patches could contain a Ponyta, which by this time should be a little closer to its Rapidash evolution at level 40.

The final place to catch a Ponyta in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is Route 215, which is full of rain and bridges. Despite the downpour, the fiery horse still lurks in the grass around the area’s bridges, giving you one final chance to pick one up after leaving Veilstone City.


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