Where to find Pikachu in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Get the franchise's mascot onto your team.

Image via Nintendo

Pikachu is the loveable mascot of the Pokémon series. He reappears again in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and there’s a couple of different ways to find him in the games.

The Electric-type can be found in certain locations as you travel through the Galar region, starting with Route 4. Depending on the version of your game, you might have a better chance of finding it than others. Those who are playing Pokemon Shield will have a lower chance of finding Pikachu in this location than those who have the Sword version.

Pikachu can also be found in the Stony Wilderness area in the Wild Area during certain types of weather, including when its raining or there are thunderstorms. Similarly, Pikachu can be found in different Max Raid Battles.

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If you have a save file for Let’s Go, Pikachu on your Nintendo Switch, you can receive a special version of Pikachu that has a specific Gigantamax form. To do so, you need to go to the Wild Area Station and speak to the girl located in the left side of the building.

This Pikachu will have a special Gigantamax form that resembles the older and fatter Pikachu design from the franchise’s earlier days. It won’t evolve into Raichu, however. So if you want your Electric-type to evolve, you’ll need to catch a Pikachu from the wild or trade one over.