Where to find Magmarizer and Electrizer in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

These items better be loved for the effort you need to go through...

Image via the Pokémon Company

Trading Pokémon to help them evolve is not new to the franchise, but as more games keep being released, more unique items or methods are added to spice up the existing evolution mechanic. 

In the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Game Freak added new evolutions for multiple Pokémon from previous generations. Most of these were either pre-evolutions or new, more powerful stages that require players to give the original Pokémon items or teach them specific moves in order to harness that increased potential. 

Among those Pokémon to receive new evolutions were Electabuzz and Magmar, two iconic Pokémon from the first generation that, while popular, never had a chance to match up with more powerful species. Until generation four allowed them to evolve into Electivire and Magmortar respectively, that is. 

These new evolutions took the Electric-type and Fire-type to new heights and even made them staple Pokémon for the eighth Gym Leader and a member of Sinnoh’s Elite Four. However, actually obtaining these powerful Pokémon takes a lot of work, especially in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes. 

Both Pokémon are among those that require rare held items and a trade to evolve, meaning you not only need to find the item, but you also need to link up with a friend to trade the Pokémon back and forth. So if you plan on trying to get one or both of these powerhouses, here is where you can find both the Electrizer and Magmarizer in BDSP

Electrify Electrizer 

In order to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire, you will need to first catch an Elekid in the Grand Underground—if you are playing Brilliant Diamond. Elekid is exclusive to BD, which means Shining Pearl players will need to trade with a friend if they want the Electric-type species at all. 

Elekid is a Rare Spawn in four different Pokémon Hideaways within the Grand Underground in BD: Dazzling Cave, Whiteout Cave, Stargleam Cavern, and Glacial Cavern. 

Once you find yourself an Elekid inside, you have a five percent chance of capturing one that is holding an Electrizer. And yes, this is the only way to get the item in the remakes as of now. 

When you have successfully captured an Elekid holding the Electrizer, simply level that Elekid up to level 30 so it evolves into an Electabuzz and then trade it while still holding the special item to trigger its next evolution. Once you get your Pokémon back, it will be an Electivire. 

Burn Magmarizer

To mirror the Electrizer, players will only find the Magmarizer being held by Magby in the Grand Underground. And this time, the Pokémon is a Shining Pearl exclusive. 

You can encounter Magby in the following Pokémon Hideaways: Volcanic Cave, Sandsear Cave, and Typhlo Cavern. In each of those locations, Magby has a five percent chance of holding the Magmarizer when you catch it. 

After getting a Magby with the Magmarizer, evolve it into Magmar by training it to level 30 and then trade it while holding the item to receive a Magmortar when you trade back.