Where to find Hearty Grains in Pokémon Legends: Arceus for the Getting a Hold of New Wares request

Time to harvest some crops.

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Crafting is a core mechanic in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, meaning players will spend a lot of time gathering resources during their journey that will be used in recipes for various items throughout the game. 

Hearty Grains will pop up in some recipes and there’s even a request centered around it. Hearty Grains are stalks of rice bursting with life that certain species of Pokémon love to eat. 

The item itself isn’t very rare, but it does play a role in a request you get from Choy, the owner of the general store in Jubilife Village. The request is called Getting a Hold of New Wares and will become available sometime after you defeat the Noble Pokémon Kleavor. Choy wants to expand his wares, but the captain of the Supply Corps, Tao Hua, is against it. 

Your job is to help Choy get new items and convince Tao Hua to cooperate with the expansion, which can be done by embarking on an expedition to gather some Hearty Grains for the old man in the basement of the Galaxy Hall. 

Players can collect plenty of Hearty Grains while visiting the Crimson Mirelands, specifically near the Golden Lowlands and Sludge Mound. You can find some Hearty Grains sitting on the ground, but most of the collecting will be done by searching through haystacks. 

To search a haystack, throw one of your Pokémon at it, which will prompt them to dig through and bring you back any items they find. Just be aware that some of the haystacks can blend into the environment, so keep your eye out. 

Once you have at least three Heary Grains, you can head back to Tao Hua and give him the material. This will complete the request, unlocking new items at Choy’s shop. You can also purchase Hearty Grains from Anvin at the Jubilife Village Craftworks for 200 PokéDollars.