Where to find Destiny Knot in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Take Destiny into your own hands.

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IVs are important factors for Pokémon players who play competitively, or are looking to breed the perfect Pokémon.

IVs determine how a Pokémon’s stats are distributed, with those that have higher IVs doing more damage than the same Pokémon with lower IVs, even if both of the Pokémon are the same level.

If you’re looking to become the greatest Pokémon master, then this will be an important part of the process. While catching a Pokémon with high IVs in the wild comes down to luck, breeding is the best way to get another high IV Pokémon, especially with the help of Destiny Knot.

Destiny Knot is a held item that ensures that Pokémon pass on five of their six IVs to their child. This is the perfect tool for breeding, and when paired with a high IV Ditto can create a legion of extremely powerful Pokémon.

Where to find Destiny Knot in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Destiny Knot can be found inside a Poké Ball located on Route 224. You’ll need to have completed most of the game to get here and have access to Surf.

Head to the furthest northwest point of the location and Surf to reach a new staircase. Climb the staircase and descend another directly south, where you will see a Poké Ball on the ground.

You may need to battle the nearby trainer to pick up this item, but once complete, you’ll have the Destiny Knot in your hands.


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