When will Daily Adventure Incense be added to Pokémon Go?

Who knows what rare Pokémon might be attracted to it?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go is adding a Daily Adventure Incense for rare Pokémon spawns to the game, and fans are already booting up their games to see if they can start catching rarer Pokémon that aren’t typically found in the wild.

The Daily Adventure Incense was announced today, and the feature is coming over the next week or so as a staggered rollout. Niantic normally starts with the higher level trainers and works their way down until everyone has the feature. Some users have already received access to the new Incense, so players will likely see the feature soon, no matter what level they are.

This new item will last for 15 minutes, and it will work like a normal Incense except it will attract rare Pokémon that either do not or rarely appear in the wild. The Daily Adventure Incense lasts a quarter as long as a normal Incense does, likely because of the rarity of the Pokémon it attracts.

Luckily for those with a small Item Bag, the Daily Adventure Incense also doesn’t take up any room in the players’ bag. The item will be available once per day through the Item Bag after players have completed some Special Research tied to the Incense.

Some players are reporting that they are finding the Galarian version of the Legendary birds. A screenshot posted to Twitter shows one player whose Discord member found a Galarian Moltres with it. Serebii also posted a photo of a Galarian Zapdos that was caught with the new Incense.

Those who are higher level will likely get access at some point today, and players who are in the 30-level range are also reporting access at the time of writing.