What is the Pokémon Go Campfire App?

Connect with the Pokéverse.

Image via Niantic

Even if you’re a lone wolf trainer, there will come a time when you’ll need the help of other players in Pokémon Go. Raids, gifts, or other events may require you to team up with other trainers.

Finding friends in Pokémon Go may not always be that easy, however. Players who live in rural areas or don’t know anyone who also plays the game may find themselves struggling to put together a team for an upcoming raid.

There are Discord servers and subreddits dedicated to finding trainers who are looking to team up, but considering it’s not a native solution, it can be less than ideal for players who are short on time.

What is Niantic’s Campfire app in Pokémon Go?

Campfire is a social networking app that is being developed by Niantic. Pokémon Go’s developer is looking to implement this social app into its games. The app aims to make it easier for players to find local communities and friends/teammates that will allow them to complete group activities in the game.

Once players download the Campfire app on their device, they’ll be able to:

  • Find nearby communities through the app’s discover page. There will be official community groups, created by Niantic, and local communities that will differ based on your area.
  • Add each other as Niantic Friends. When you add someone to your Niantic Friedslist, you’ll also be able to interact with them in other Niantic titles, like Ingress, if they’re active in any of them.
  • Create group chats or message others privately.
  • Join real-world community activities.

What will the Campfire experience be like in Pokémon Go?

When Campfire officially rolls out in Pokémon Go for all trainers, its logo will be featured on the in-game map. Upon clicking on its icon, players will get to see whether there are any active events and connect with other trainers.

Niantic is also looking to implement a Campfire feature that allows trainers to see the pictures of Pokémon caught by nearby trainers.

Niantic Campfire is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in select regions. The app is looking to roll out globally as it finalizes its tests.