Ultra Unlock bonuses added for Pokémon Go Anniversary event, includes new Timed Research

Pansear, Rotom Wash, and a handful of nice bonuses have been added to the event.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin 2022 is over and done, and with it comes confirmation that players successfully met the Ultra Unlock requirements by completing the event’s Global Challenges. 

Because players met those requirements, modified bonuses have been added to the Pokémon Go Anniversary event that is set to run from July 6 to 12. 

All of the Ultra Unlock bonuses are being added on top of or to the content that was already announced as part of the game’s sixth-anniversary event. If a bonus has been changed, it simply means it is being boosted as a result of the challenge being completed during Go Fest: Berlin. And, these bonuses will be live for players around the globe. 

As was teased in the event’s initial imagery. The High Temp Pokémon, Pansear will now be appearing in the wild and in raids throughout the Anniversary event—along with Unown E being added to the raid pool. 

New Timed Research will also be added to the event giving players the chance to encounter Rotom Wash. These are the only additional Pokémon added to the main portion of the event, though the following additional bonuses will be live too for both the Anniversary event and coinciding Battle Weekend. 

  • Starters can learn previously event-exclusive Charged Attacks when fully evolved
    • Frenzy Plant: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy
    • Blast Burn: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig
    • Hydro Cannon: Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott
  • Charmander evolved during the event can learn the Fast Attack Dragon Breath
  • The following Battle Weekend bonuses have been updated (July 9 and 10)
    • Team Go Rocket balloons will appear every two hours
    • Players can earn 5x Stardust from Go Battle League rewards
    • Players can collect one extra Raid Pass per day
    • Players earn 50 percent extra XP from Raid Battles
    • Players collect two Mysterious Components from defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts
    • Players earn 50 percent extra Stardust from defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts
    • Encounter Legendary Pokémon in Go Battle League reward encounters at Rank 16 and up