The Pokémon Company to launch new Pokémon TCG tips and strategies video series

This is a new resource for players who want to improve at the game.

Image via The Pokemon Company

With more players being introduced to or getting back into the Pokémon TCG, The Pokémon Company is creating new ways to help them adapt to the current format and learn the basics. 

In a new weekly video series called Top Deck Academy, TPC will introduce players to new cards, teach them how to create their own decks, talk about developing strategies, and more. 

This broadcast will be aimed at beginning and intermediate players, with the goal of helping them better prepare for playing in actual competition—whether it be online or in-person. 

Each episode will feature Pokémon TCG experts who have been playing or commentating over the game for years. No details about who will host the first episode, the topic, or what community members will be appearing have been shared yet. 

The series launches with its first episode on Feb. 4 at 4pm CT on the official Pokémon YouTube and Twitch channels.