The Pokémon Company reveals ‘Starter Deck 100’ launching December in Japan

Gotta Collect 'Em All.

Images via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company announced a series of starter decks that will launch on Dec. 17 in Japan, featuring cards from a selection of 414 old and new cards.

Each box will have one of the 100 different decks selected randomly, and will be ready to play immediately upon purchase. Each deck comes with damage counters and status markers.

In their announcement, The Pokémon Company revealed a handful of the cards that will be present within some of the available decks beginning with Deck 001, which will boast the recently released Rayquaza V and VMax cards from the Sky Stream set.

Among the other teased decks, 006 will include both Umbreon and Tyranitar V with a focus on interfering with your opponent’s deck as a path to victory. Deck 018 includes a reprint of Jolteon V along with a brand new Greedent V card and is built around using coins to do maximum damage.

Deck 048 includes Pikachu alongside Scorbunny, number 070 boasts Boltund and Emolga, and 095 comes with a reprint of Venusaur along with a brand new Zamazenta V card, but the most exciting of all shown was deck 081.

The two cards featured in Deck 081 are brand new V and Vmax versions of Kingler. This water-type deck is capable of dealing impressive damage with Kingler VMax’s Kyodai Scissors move.

These 100 new decks will likely be revealed over time and will all be launching on Dec. 17 in Japan. It isn’t clear if this range will see any adaption into English for release in the West.