The Pokémon Company reveals more cards from Fusion Arts, including Deoxys’ three battle styles

The game has changed.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Ahead of its release next month, more cards from Pokémon OCG Fusion Arts have been revealed.

Eight new cards from the set were revealed, as shared by Pokémon forum PokéBeach, including V and VMax versions of Chandelure. The other six cards are fairly standard, with the most unique of all being Deoxys.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Fusion Arts are set to introduce a new Fusion battle style, which claims to be a mix between Single Strike and Rapid Strike. In the case of Deoxys specifically, the DNA Pokémon boasts Fusion, Single Strike and Rapid Strike.

It would seem that Deoxys can change forms from each battle style during combat. This card will join others in the Pokémon TCG set Fusion Battle when it launches in the west in November. As we see more of the cards within these sets revealed we’ll likely encounter more featuring the Fusion battle style.

Fusion Arts will launch on Sept. 24 in Japan. Along with giving us a look at all the cards that could potentially make their way into Fusion Battle, it will also provide some insight into how the new Fusion style game mechanic will come into play.