The best Fidough fan art

How can anyone resist that face?

Image via the Pokémon Company

Among the Pokémon revealed during August’s Pokémon Presents video was Fidough.

This puppy-like fairy-type is sure to make a splash in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet thanks to the power of the fairy type right now, but he’s made a stir after his reveal for a completely different reason: his absolutely adorable yeasty face. As usual, fan artists have already made gorgeous illustrations of all kinds featuring Fidough, and we’ve compiled the best here for your enjoyment.

Here is the best Fidough fan art.

Best Fidough fan art

3D Fidough

While most art of Fidough has been 2D so far, 3D artist Henry Vargas didn’t let that stop them from rendering it in yeasty detail. From the curve of its bunned ears to its doughy eyebrows, this version of Fidough looks like it could be a vinyl figure for sale at the Pokémon Center in NYC. Vargas has also illustrated Paldean Wooper and Scarlet and Violet’s first partner Pokémon.

Bakery Fidough

Just because Fidough is made of dough doesn’t mean it can enjoy baked sweets of other varieties. This watercolor-style art from artist Zuccnini shows an extremely endearing Fidough chowing down on a muffin that it found in a bakery. Even if the doughy Pokémon were to break into your pantry, it would likely get away with just about anything thanks to those big puppy-dog eyes. The sign behind it says “Among Us” in Unown letters, because of course it does.

Switch Fidough

As you can tell by now, Fidough surrounded by sweets and baked goods has been a popular theme for fan artists. Artist Leaphere illustrated the new Pokémon bursting out of a Switch console alongside muffins, cookies, and cupcakes. “The Fidough bakery is open!” reads the accompanying tweet. If Game Freak were to make a game featuring a Fidough running a bakery, we’d play it.

Latte Fidough

We also featured latte artist Runa on our list of the best Paldean Wooper fan art, but their rendition of Fidough is on another level. Make sure to watch the video for the full effect: Runa gives their 3D creation a jiggle and squashes it with a spoon in order to bring out its adorable heft. Fidough looks like it’s about to jump right out of the cup and onto your lap in this rendition, which we’d be completely okay with.

Store display Fidough

How could you pass up this face in a store window? According to artist The Last Shaymin’s illustration, you can take home your very own Fidough for only 500p, an extremely reasonable price. The piece also includes two Appletun, a Slurpuff, and an Alcremie, all of which are food-themed Pokémon that one could absolutely find in a bakery. The Last Shaymin’s piece is accompanied by many fans claiming that their interpretation looks better than the official version.

Bun Fidough

Once you’ve bought and taken home your very own Fidough, what might it look like? That’s the question artist Sugar aims to answer with her piece, which shows the yeasty puppy stuck between a set of tongs. The caption reads “Bred,” a cute misspelling of “bread.” While Fidough definitely looks sweet enough to eat, it’s probably better off on the battlefield than on a dinner plate.