The best fan art of Paldean Form Wooper

Fan artists are the fastest people on Earth.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Presents that introduced the new Paldean Form Wooper has only been out for a little while, but fan artists are already drawing up their reactions to this adorable new Pokémon.

Wooper first appeared as a Water-type Pokémon in Generation II, where it evolved into the Water and Ground-type Quagsire. Paldean Form Wooper’s evolution potential hasn’t been revealed yet, but that hasn’t stopped fan art from flooding in.

Here is the best fan art of Paldean Form Wooper.

Pixel Wooper

This pixelated Wooper is the result of a long-standing meme within the Pokémon community: an image of a Wooper from Generation II with the text “This” underneath it. Artist Keith Montalbo recreated the meme but changed the sprite into Paldean Form Wooper. Posted only minutes after the end of the Pokémon Presents video, they say it’s the fastest they’ve ever made pixel art. Based on their speed, we tend to agree.

Soft Wooper

Artist and VTuber Rosedoodles created this adorable version of Wooper, complete with soft lines, textures, and a background to match. Artists have been inspired by Paldean Wooper’s huge smile, which is frequently contrasted with the original Wooper’s smaller round mouth. This Wooper appears to be having a great time rolling in mud, despite the mess it’s causing. “All my babes love dirt wooper,” Rosedoodles said in a follow-up tweet.

Patterned Wooper

Artist Tiki has experience drawing Wooper: he’s drawn the Water Fish Pokemon a few times before in doodle compilations and to celebrate Wooper Wednesday, a popular weekly holiday among Wooper fans. To commemorate the reveal of Paldean Wooper, Tiki drew the new form sitting down, taking a walk, and simply floating along. Fans called the new form “Pooper” in the comments, which has become a popular nickname for the new form thanks to its brown color.

Latte Wooper

It’s not every day that you see a Wooper made out of latte foam, but artist Runa did just that. Like other artists, their photo prompted impressed responses from fans wondering how they were able to create art so quickly after the end of the Pokémon Presents. Runa also created a pleasantly jiggly 3D latte version of new Pokémon Fidough for fans to enjoy.

Chocolate Milk Wooper

Alongside Paldean Wooper’s big smile, its new brown coloring is inspiring plenty of artists and fans. Artist Siplick created a painterly image of Wooper sitting on the beach and drinking a bottle of Miltank-brand chocolate milk. Appropriately titled “Choccy Wooper,” the piece also gives Wooper a stylish pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Wooper buddies

What is Paldean Wooper without the original Wooper? Aquabluu’s cute art shows both Woopers hanging out together, mashing up old and new in an adorable confluence. The difference between the two forms is even more stark when they’re placed side-by-side, as they are here. While both Pokémon are endearing, Paldean Wooper might just take the cake for the cutest regional form yet.