Shiny Ferroseed to appear during Verizon Special Weekend event in Pokémon Go

Verizon subscribers can enjoy the event on Nov. 7.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has partnered with Verizon for a Special Weekend event in Pokémon Go in the U.S., Niantic announced today. Verizon subscribers can get a ticket to participate in the exclusive event on Nov. 7 and have an encounter with a new shiny Pokémon.

The ticket will give trainers access to the event-exclusive Timed Research and special Pokémon attracted to Incense. Lucky trainers can find a shiny Ferroseed among the Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Pikachu, Unown V, Unown Z, Sableye, Patrat, and Minccino that can be attracted by the Incense during the event.

This is also the first time an event includes Timed Research that contains various Pokémon. The Timed Research will grant XP, Stardust, three Incense, a Star Piece, and 100 Charizard Mega Energy, as well as encounters with Chansey, Spoink, Absol, Bronzor, Gible, and Sewaddle as rewards.

Verizon customers can get the ticket by signing in to the Verizon Up reward program app with their Verizon ID or mobile phone number. Only one ticket can be redeemed per Pokémon Go account, though. Players can redeem a code to get a Verizon Hoodie and a Verizon Mask with a special code to use in Pokémon Go on Verizon’s website.

Select Verizon stores will become Sponsored Gyms and PokéStops with scheduled Legendary Raids being available in 2021. When spinning a special stop, all trainers will be able to receive a Sponsored Field Research task and a Sponsored Verizon Gift with in-game items and a message from Verizon.