Secret rare cards from Pokemon TCG Silver Lance and Jet Black Ghost revealed

The rarest cards in the set.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Just days away from release, 50 secret rare cards from Pokémon’s latest Japanese TCG sets Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit have been unveiled.

Earlier this week, regular cards from both sets were revealed, but now fans are getting a look at the most valuable cards.

From Silver Lance, there were 25 secret rare cards showcased in a post to Pokémon forum Pokébeach.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Some of the more notable additions include the Ice Rider Calyrex V and its Vmax variant that leaked last week, Galarian Rapidash in both a standard V and a special art edition, and three Tornadus cards with their own unique art.

There are four trainer cards within the Silver Lance set: Flannery, Doctor, Peony, and Melony. The latter three are also available in rainbow rare variants.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Some of the most notable from Jet-Black Spirit are Shadow Rider Calyrex V and its Vmax variant, Celebi who is also available in V and Vmax, and the secret rare trainer cards Caitlin, Agatha, Peonia, and Siebold.

Both new sets are launching on April 23 in Japan. For collectors who prefer the English sets, you will have to wait until the Chilling Reign set launches in June.

A full list of all the secret rare cards revealed for the sets can be found at Pokébeach.