Scorbunny Pokémon Futsal TCG promo available across England starting Friday

"Scorbunny on the ball"

Screengrab via

It’s a good day for UK Pokémon fans as the fourth Pokémon TCG x The Football Association promo will be available in GAME stores and online this Friday.

The latest card to join the collection is Scorbunny on the Ball. This card boasts some unique art of Scorbunny kicking a football as the name implies and is stamped with the Pokémon Futsal stamp.

If you want to add this one to your collection you’ll need to shop at GAME and spend over £15 on Pokémon TCG merchandise. Unfortunately, this promotion isn’t available outside of England, but you may be able to score one online via resale.

This is the fourth card so far in the Pokémon Futsal collection. Before Scorbunny there was Pikachu, Eevee, and Grookey. The next card that will round out this five-card set is Sobble, but right now we don’t have a date for when the final card will be made available.