Scarlet and Violet challenge pushes players to compete with Teal Mask-only teams

Start cooking up new teams.

Player characters, two new trainers, and various new Pokemon appearing in a promo image for Pokemon Sword and Shield's The Teal Mask DLC.
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A new online competition in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been announced, and the meta is expected to look a whole lot different with the Pokémon from The Teal Mask DLC finally coming into play.

The new Kitakami Prologue online competition, announced on Sept. 24, will take place in Scarlet and Violet from Oct. 6 to 8. Unlike the previous online competitions, this will be the first time Pokémon from The Teal Mask are thrown into the mix.

In fact, according to Pokémon data website Serebii, it will specifically use the Kitakami Pokédex in a double battle format.

This means certain Pokémon from the base games might not be legal for the Kitakami Prologue. Most notably, it would be a meta without the Paradox Pokémon and four Treasures of Ruin that have been dominant forces in previous Scarlet and Violet tournaments. In other words, players will have to build teams without the super common Flutter Mane, Iron Hands, Chien-Pao, Chi-Yu, and their overpowered friends.

Similarly, it sounds like competitors also won’t have access to transfer-only Pokémon like Urshifu, Tornadus, and Heatran.

Which Pokémon will be legal in the Kitakami Prologue competition?

Unless there are more restrictions that haven’t been announced, players should be able to take advantage of two new strong Pokémon for the first time—Bloodmoon Ursaluna and the Legendary Ogerpon. Ursaluna’s standard form has already proven to be a huge threat at tournaments, and its new form has the potential to do the same.

Meanwhile, Ogerpon has four powerful forms to choose from to fit on a wide variety of team compositions, though Hearthflame Ogerpon seems to have the most potential based on first impressions from pro VGC players.

Other new DLC Pokémon like Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti may also get their chance to shine, even if they aren’t quite as powerful as Bloodmoon Ursaluna or Ogerpon.

Any player interested in participating can register from Oct. 2 to 8. The online competition begins on Friday, Oct. 6.

Around the same time, VGC ranked battles and tournaments will transition to Regulation E, adding all of the DLC Pokémon to the format starting Oct. 1.

This should not, however, be confused with the rules from the Kitakami Prologue, as the online competitions generally have different restrictions from the in-person tournaments.


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