‘Scam alert’: Pokémon Go players call out Niantic’s new Scarlet and Violet research ticket

It sparked a heated debate.

Pokemon Go trainers wearing their Pawmi backpacks.
Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players are not happy with the latest ticketed Ultra Unlock: Paldea I’ve Got Your Back timed research task, which was released on Sept. 10. Some players think it’s not worth the money and are going so far as to call it a “scam.”

Players can buy a ticket for $5, granting them a list of fun tasks to do in the event. They have to send nine gifts to their game friends, walk a bit, use berries to catch Pokémon, and more. When they finish the tasks they earn prizes, including an Incubator, two chances to encounter Pawmi, some berries, candies, XP points, Stardust, and a cool Pawmi-themed backpack for their character.

But here’s the problem: One player has encountered Pawmi twice without needing to purchase the research ticket, according to a Sept. 10 post on Reddit. So, they wondered, why they should pay money for something they can get for free?

“Isn’t [Pawmi] the thing Niantic is charging five bucks for two encounters of? Well, I’ve caught two for free. Scam alert,” they player said. This prompted others to explain how the cost of the timed research ticket is to cover the Pawmi-themed backpack, not the two encounters or any of the other bits and pieces on offer. “They announced a week ago that it was spawning in the wild. The ticket is for the backpack,” one player insisted.

But while that might be the case, that didn’t stop others from calling it a bad deal.

One player pointed out that the backpack, which is a purely cosmetic item, will be available in the shop within a couple of months—making the ticket now essentially worthless to those willing to wait. “Sure, it will cost about 400 coins, but you can technically get it for free [once the event is done],” they said. Even if that doesn’t happen, another argued that paying five dollars for a backpack is too steep.

Most people in the community seemed to agree, believing that their five dollars should get them a little more than a couple of cosmetics and a bunch of currency like berries, something most players have in abundance already.

The age-old saying “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” was thrown around but nevertheless, it’s clear players aren’t satisfied with Niantic’s offerings via the research task ticket. Time will tell whether Niantic is willing to adjust or add to the ticket in future research days.

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