Roggenrola featured for September 2022 Pokémon Go Community Day

It's pretty cute for a rock.

Image via Niantic

Roggenrola, the Mantle Pokémon, is scheduled to be the next Pokémon Go Community Day subject for September 2022.

The September Community Day is set to take place on Sept. 18 from 2pm local time until 5pm local time. Roggenrola will spawn more frequently in the wild and players who are lucky might find it in its Shiny form.

Some other bonuses are going around for the event and players can take advantage of a special Charged Attack called Meteor Beam. The move will be given to any Boldore that is evolved into Gigalith up to five hours after the event ends.

Some Special Research is also up for grabs for $1. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Special Research will contain exclusive rewards that will be revealed after the event starts.

During Roggenrola Community Day, players will be able to take part in some bonuses, which include one-fourth hatch distance for eggs, double Catch Candy, and double the chance for trainers level 31 and up to receive Candy XL from catching Pokémon. There will be three-hour Lure Modules and Incense, one additional Special Trade, and trades will cost 50 percent less Stardust. There will also be a snapshot surprise and special event stickers.

Some bonus Battle Raids will be available from 5pm to 10pm local time, in addition to the event. Trainers who defeat Boldore, who will appear in four-star raids, will see more Roggenrola appear in a 300-mile radius from the gym where the battle took place. These Roggenrola will have the same chance to be Shiny as the ones that spawn in the wild during Community Day hours.

Most of the bonuses only apply for the hours between 2pm and 5pm, but some bonuses, like the one additional Special Trade and 50 percent less Stardust for trades, will be active from 2pm to 10pm local time.

More information about the Community Day can be found on the Pokémon Go blog.