Pokkén Tournament DX will have a free-to-play week on Nintendo Switch starting July 29

Take the stage and battle it out in Pokkén for free.

Image via Nintendo

As part of a promotion coming out of the Pokémon Players Cup, Pokkén Tournament DX will have a free-to-play on Nintendo Switch for a week starting on July 29 for Nintendo Switch Online members. 

The Pokémon fighting game uses elements of Bandai Namco’s Tekken series to have various creatures battle in a changing landscape of traditional and arena-style battles. 

The free-to-play week lets players access the full game for a weekend rather than just play through the demo that is available at all times on the Switch eShop. You can play as 21 different Pokémon in the base version of the game, though it is unclear if the DLC is also being included in the free trial week’s download. 

From July 29 to Aug. 4, players can download Pokkén Tournament DX and play as much of the game as they want, including online matches if they have a Nintendo Online Subscription. 

If you plan on participating in the free-to-play weekend, you can pre-download the entire game now by going to the game’s page on the eShop and selecting the Game Trials option. From there, you can download the game, but it won’t unlock until July 29 when the trial period begins. 

Normally, Pokkén Tournament DX is $59.99 at full price, with the Battle Pack DLC bundle running you another $14.99. Nintendo might discount the game during the free-to-play week to try and incentivize more players to purchase the game if they enjoy the game playing the trial.