Here are the notes and updates for Pokémon UNITE Patch

Not a lot of players are going to leave unhappy this time.

Images via The Pokémon Company

The next Pokémon UNITE update is here, and with it comes a new event and some other changes, including balance adjustments for a decent chunk of the roster. 

For the balance patch, Absol actually got somewhat buffed while Snorlax, Mamoswine, Crustle, Pikachu, and Espeon got mostly positive changes too. In fact, only Charizard and Tsareena were really hit with any nerfs in version—Delphox actually got away scot-free, likely since it was only released earlier this month. 

Outside of some balancing, TiMi Studio has also made a significant change to Ranked matchmaking that will give players more opportunities to earn points depending on certain situations. This includes if a teammate leaves a match maliciously—something that has been asked for since the game was released—and if a player continues trying to win instead of surrendering. 

You can also take part in a new event that is leading up to UNITE’s first anniversary in July, which includes the ability to earn Hip-Hop Style Hoopa Holowear for free. So going into that, here are all of the version patch notes.

Full Pokémon UNITE Version patch notes


  • Bug fixes
  • Text fixes
  • Event updates
  • Ranked matchmaking updates

Balance adjustments

  • Absol
    • Psycho Cut updated to “Has the user attack with blades formed by psychic power that decrease the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time when the move hits. Also, after this move hits, the user’s attacks deal additional damage to the affected opposing Pokémon (up to three times.)”
    • Pursuit range increased. 
    • Pursuit+ movement speed increase has been strengthened.
  • Crustle
    • Rock Tomb updated to “Splits open the ground toward the designated area, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect, decreasing their movement speed for a short time, and creating a barricade of rock. If this move is used again, the barricade is removed.”
    • Rock Tomb+ updated to “Upgrade: Strengthens this move’s movement speed decrease on opposing Pokémon when it hits.”
    • Stealth Rock general move upgrade.
  • Charizard
    • Flamethrower damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.
    • Fire Blast movement speed decrease has been weakened. 
  • Tsareena
    • Stomp damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased. 
  • Snorlax
    • Special Defense stat increased. 
    • Heavy Slam cooldown reduced. 
    • Block cooldown reduced. 
    • Unite Move: Power Nap charge rate and duration of effects on opposing Pokémon increased. 
  • Espeon
    • Psyshock duration of effects on and damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased. Also, movement speed decrease has been strengthened.
    • Psybeam damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased. 
    • Stored Power damage dealt to opposing Pokémon and HP restoration increased. 
  • Pikachu
    • General Stat increases.
  • Mamoswine
    • Icicle Crash cooldown reduced. 
    • Ice Fang cooldown reduced. 
    • Unite Move: Mammoth Mash charge rate increased.