Pokémon TCG set to hold online art exhibition in August

Get further insight into the crafting of Pokémon TCG artwork.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG fans will have a chance to get to know many cards better than ever before thanks to an Oline Illustration Exhibition launching in August.

This event will run through August and September ending in late October giving fans plenty of time to see, interact, and learn about each of the cards included in this show.

The exhibition will be separated into three themes for fans to explore. The first of these is life. Life will allow viewers to check out the different habitats and routines of Pokémon through the TCG art.

History is the second theme and as the name suggests this will trace back to the evolution of Pokémon TCG over the years showing where things began and where they’ve reached now.

The final theme of this exhibition is all about the Artists and gives fans their most in-depth look yet into how different artists go about designing Pokémon TCG artwork. There is said to be commentary from 50 different artists included in this exhibition. In the announcement, two key Pokémon TCG artists are noted as contributing and they are Megumi Mizutani and Akira Egawa, however, there are plenty more.

Serebi.net has shared a glimpse at how the exhibition will be laid out for viewers.

Checking out this artwork is simple, all you need to do is select the card that you’re interested in and it will provide a better look with all of the details mentioned above.

The Pokémon TCG: Online Illustration Exhibition is set to open up on Aug. 10 and fans will have the opportunity to check it out until it closes on Oct. 22.