Pokémon TCG set Evolving Skies revealed for August

Another Rayquaza variant will be released for TCG players in August.

Image via The Pokemon Company | Remixed by Cale Michael

The next Pokémon TCG set Evolving Skies is set for an August release. 

Just like with the upcoming June set, Chilling Reign, it is likely that Evolving Skies will be a combination of multiple Japanese releases. This time, the sets in questions should be Towering Perfection and Sky Stream, which will each feature 67 cards. 

Towering Perfection will focus on Single Strike cards and be headlined by Duraludon VMAX, while Sky Stream will keep with its namesake and introduce Rayquaza VMAX, along with new Rapid Strike cards. Both sets will launch in the OCG on July 9, which fits the timeline for being bundled into a TCG set a month later. 

Based on that, we could also see cards from the Eevee Heroes special set added to the card list too. Pokémon TCG publication PokéBeach pointed out the the evolving theme could tie into the Eevee Heroes list, but otherwise, those cards will likely be coming over in the November or 25th anniversary sets later this year. 

We won’t know details about how many cards will be included in Evolving Skies or what sets will be combined to make it until we get closer to its release date on Aug. 27.