Pokémon TCG Gym Promos revealed: Infernape V, Riley, and more

There are two new cards and six reprints.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon OCG is getting into motion for 2022, and now thanks to PokeBeach, we have our first look at the Gym Promos set to roll out at tournaments around Japan.

As usual, there are eight promos available to earn with six of them being alternate art reprints of cards from Star Birth with the Gym Promo logo, and two new cards. The two new cards are Infernape V and the trainer card, Riley.

Other than these you can earn Corphish, Dusclops, Riolu, Weavile, Starly, and Raihan, which will likely be distributed as a participation prize accord to PokeBeach.

Gym tournament attendees will score themselves a promo pack that will include a random card from the seven outside of Raihan. Earlier today, all of the regular cards in Star Birth were revealed. These included many of these cards without the unique art and Gym Promo logo. You can check out the full list of regular cards revealed here. Star Birth is set to launch next Friday in Japan.

If you’re after Star Birth cards in the U.S., you’ll have to wait until they are translated and released through the February TCG set Brilliant Stars or purchase them at online Japanese retailers.

You can check out all of the newly revealed Gym Promo cards on PokeBeach here.