Pokémon TCG ‘Astral Radiance’ prerelease promos, products officially revealed

As Pokémon TCG moves into Hisui there is a ton of different products to choose from.

Screengrab via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has today revealed the next TCG set that is slated to arrive in May, ‘Astral Radiance,’ and now we have a look at the products and promotional cards that will launch as part of the release.

Astral Radiance will boast all your usual products including booster boxes, elite trainer boxes, blister packs, and Build & Battle boxes, but also include a Pokémon Center exclusive elite trainer box and a Build & Battle Stadium.

Within the Build & Battle range, players will score unique prerelease promo cards for the set. There are four to collect boasting new Hisuian evolutions Samurott, Basculegion, and Wyrdeer. Magnezone will feature as the final promotional card.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The cards will be alternate art versions of their Pokémon that will appear in Astral Radiance, boasting a stamp with the set name. Prerelease will begin May 14. 

Inside the Build & Battle boxes, players will find a 23-card deck alongside four booster packs, a pre-release promo card, and a Pokémon TCG Live code. The Build & Battle Stadium will include two of these boxes, energy cards, damage counters, a coin, dice, and markers. This will provide everything you need to get started and battle.

Many of these new cards have been translated from Pokémon OCG’s Battle Region set, which launched last month. Astral Radiance will hit western stores on May 27.