New Pokémon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battle Event features ‘small’ Pokémon

There's three Pokémon up for grabs.

Screengrab via PurpleFire

Pokémon Sword and Shield players now have a new event to take advantage of as the Wild Area changes up with the Max Raid Battle Event featuring only Pokémon small in stature.

This event, which is now available, will feature just three different Pokémon although you’ll have a shot at catching one of them in its shiny variant. These Pokémon are Snom, Pyukumuku, and Pincurchin.

As you’d expect, these Pokémon are available at all tiers of raid battle with the shiny form of Snom showing up once you encounter a five-star raid. Outside of this and their level, you won’t notice any difference between the Pokémon at different raid tiers.

It also doesn’t seem like you’ll get any items outside ordinary rewards, so unless you’re after any of these specific Pokémon, it could be an event to skip over.

Having had new events regularly since launch, it’s no surprise we’re receiving these kinds of additions towards the addition of a new generation of mainline Pokémon games. Still, Sword and Shield players have had and will continue to have events such as this to keep things fresh, for the time being.

These will arrive on Nov. 18 so the wait isn’t too long. If you haven’t yet secured a preorder of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet you can check out the available deals here.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this latest wild event in Pokémon Sword and Shield it will remain live throughout the weekend.