Pokémon Sword and Shield TCG first details revealed, coming Nov. 29

You won't have to wait too much longer.

Image via Nintendo

The first details for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield Trading Card Game sets have been revealed in retailers across Japan, including a release date and some new information about what to expect.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield TCG starter set, which includes five collections of cards in a deck that also feature various new unknown V cards (the new mechanic coming to the game soon), will be released on Nov. 29 in Japan.

After that, the first expansion set simply named Sword and Shield will be released on Dec. 6 in Japan. It’ll introduce a whole new line of Pokémon in card form.

Following the release of the first expansion, Japanese fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on another line of Sword and Shield cards. The next expansion called V Rising will become available on Feb. 7.

Not much is known about any of the upcoming sets and the mystery surrounding the new V mechanic still remains. But as we get closer to release dates, these sets will likely eventually get leaked or shown off in some way so fans can discover what the cards are all about.

Western release dates for these expansions haven’t been confirmed at this time, but expect the first set to come out toward the end of the year or in 2020.