Pokémon Sword and Shield reveals online Battle Stadium challenges

Battle via the interweb and catch an invite to Worlds.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Adding to the excitement of Pokémon Worlds, major features from Battle Stadium in Pokémon Sword and Shield were revealed today. 

Set to release Nov. 15, Pokémon Sword and Shield is taking players global with online trainer challenges through Battle Stadium. The feature will allow trainers to connect to other players via the internet and compete in single or double formats through three types of formats.

Battle Stadium ranked 

Pokemon Ranked Chart for Sword and Shield Battle Stadium
Image via Pokémon company

For trainers who are seeking to become the best in the world, the Battle Stadium ranked format will test those who think they’ve got what it takes. Each time a trainer battles, battle points are earned or lost depending on the results. Once enough points are earned, the trainer’s rank is increased. 

  • Dynamax Pokémon play a major role in ranked battles
  • There are five ranked tiers
  • Reward items are earned through consecutive battles
  • Restrictions on legendary and mythical Pokémon 
  • Ranks will drop at the end of a season 
  • A trainers rank carries over into the next season

Battle Stadium casual

Pokémon battles in the casual format don’t keep track of wins and losses. In addition, there aren’t any restrictions on legendary and mythical Pokémon like there is in ranked. The casual format is an ideal place to practice and test out Pokémon prior to battling in the ranked format. 

Battle Stadium online competitions

Online competitions in Pokémon Sword and Shield are broken into two categories. Trainers seeking to play on the Pokémon Worlds stage should enter official competitions. Within these events, specific rules and restrictions on Pokémon will apply. 

For a more relaxed environment, trainers can battle in competitions hosted by other players. The host sets the rules and regulations, creating the perfect environment for players all around the world to create their own Pokémon tournament. 

Available on the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Sheild is set to release on Nov. 15.