Pokémon Sword and Shield International Online Competitions registration starts today

Trainers have until June 25 to register in the International Friendly competition.

Image via Pokémon

The next online competition in Pokémon Sword and Shield is named the International Friendly. Trainers in all countries, except Japan, have from today to June 25 to register. 

The competition runs with the current standard VGC rules and matches the Series 4 ruleset, with the Double Battle format. Players can only battle 15 times per day and every participant gets 50BP in the end.

The Pokémon team have to be from the Galar Pokédex only with five to six Pokémons from level one to 100, but with all Pokémon set to Level 50. Unfortunately, Pokémon introduced in the Isle of Armor expansion cannot be used. Players can check the VGC rules to find out which specific Pokémons are permitted and which are banned.

The Battles begin on June 26 and go until June 28. To participate, follow these instructions:

  • Launch your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game
  • Enter the VS menu
  • Select Battle Stadium
  • Select Online Competitions
  • Select Search Official Competitions

Japan will have its own competition with the Japan Decisive Battle 2020 Qualifier and also runs the standard Ranked Battle Rules. This competition will be used for players to qualify for the Japan Decisive Battle 2020 Main Event. 

Japanese trainers can also register starting today until June 25 and the competition will follow the same rules as the International Friendly. The top 60 players from this competition and the Top 30 players from each previous International Challenge since January will qualify for the main event.