Pokémon Sword and Shield Fairy-type gym solutions

Time to ace this totally unnecessary quiz.

Screengrab via Nintendo

As you make your way through Galar’s Gym Challenge in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ll have to take on the Ballonlea gym and Opal’s trivia games. While Opal is not the first gym leader to toss trivia questions out at you, there’s added incentive to getting these answers right.

Instead of getting out of battles or getting clues to where you need to go next, these questions will give you buffs or nerfs depending on your answer. In total, there will be three questions split between three trainer battles and another three questions that are actively asked during your battle against Opal. 

The stat changes vary between questions, but it is much easier to make a run through the gym if you have all of the answers ready. So here’s a quick guide that will show you which option(s) to select for each of Opal’s inquiries. 

Just a heads up, some of these answers will be trick questions, so even if they don’t seem right, just trust the guide. 

Fairy-type Gym Quiz Answers

Trainer Battle Answers

QuestionAnswerStat Boosts
Do you know about Fairy-type’s weakness?Poison or SteelAttack and Special Attack
What was the previous Trainer’s name?AnnetteSpeed
What do I eat for breakfast every morning? OmeletsDefense and Special Defense

For the first question, you can answer either Poison or Steel and receive the boosts because both are correct. And yes, there wasn’t any hint for the Omelette answer, it’s all based on which option you decide to pick as a guess.

Gym Leader Answers

QuestionAnswerStat Boosts
Do you know my nickname? The WizardSpeed
What is my favorite color? PurpleDefense and Special Defense
How old am I? 16Attack and Special Attack

Again, none of these answers are based on any information you will have learned prior to the battle. Rather, they are all trick questions meant to keep you guessing. You might not even get to all of these questions if you take out all of her Pokémon in one-shot each. 

And as long as you head into the gym with a reliable Poison or Steel-type on your team, Opal probably won’t give you many issues even if you get a few questions wrong. But if you do want to make sure you ace the quiz, keep this cheat sheet on hand.