Pokémon reveals details on next Japanese card set and V-Union Bundles

The details of three exciting new must-have products have been released.

Rayquaza Pokemon joins Battle Arena Decks
Image via The Pokémon Company

The first details on the next Japanese TCG products have been released, with information on the upcoming dual set and its promo cards, V-Union Bundles and a Pokémon Family Box Set.

The seventh Japanese set for Sword and Shield will be a dual set, named Towering Perfection and Sky Stream. Each set will feature 67 cards before secret rares and will release on July 9th.

The Towering Perfection set will feature Duraludon VMAX and a focus on Single Strike cards, while the Sky Stream set will feature Rayquaza VMAX and a focus on Rapid Strike type cards.

Alongside this new dual set, a Mewtwo V-Union Bundle, Greninja V-Union Bundle, and Zacian V-Union Bundle will release on the 30th of July for ¥1,650 (about $15) each. These products will be the introduction of the V-Union mechanic to the TCG.

Each bundle will include three booster packs of both Sky Stream and Towering Perfection, a promo card that supports V-Union cards and a four-card V-Union promo set featuring either Mewtwo, Greninja, or Zacian.

The third new TCG product will be an updated version of the 2019 Pokémon TCG Family Box Set. This will also release on July 9th of this year and will see the release of decks featuring Cinderace V, Pikachu V and Tyranitar V.

It’s a great time to be a Pokemon TCG fan, not just with the soaring popularity of the hobby itself, reaching into the interests of mainstream culture, but with so many products in development or set for release this year.