Pokémon MEZASTAR arcade machine will launch on Sept. 17 in Japan

It's a co-op Pokémon battle, but in arcade-style.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon MEZASTAR arcade game will launch on Sept. 17 in Japan. This product is a twin cabinet with giant screens that allow for a co-op Pokémon battle in arcade-style.

It offers three-vs-three battles, but the reward is in the collectible tags that it dispenses. Each cabinet has three lanes to slot tags, which you use for battle and you’ll have a chance of capturing that Pokémon.

The battles are simple for the most part and require actions such as timing roulettes and button-mashing.

The game will feature “Star Pokemon” from the very start of service. These are extra rare and powerful Pokemon that includes Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon in the lineup.

This is a combination of the Gaole arcade machines that already exist in Japan. Arcade culture is strong in the country, and Pokémon found a way of being part of that.

Here are the especifics about the Pokémon MEZASTAR:

  • You can partake in “Special Tag Battles,” a mode that connects the two screens for the players.
  • If you can manage to fill up the “Get Gauge” of one of the three opposing Pokemon, you’ll get a chance to try catching all three of them, with the option to spend an extra 100 yen to guarantee that you’ll catch one of the three Pokemon.
  • By “catching” a Pokemon, you’ll acquire them as a tag that dispenses from the arcade machine. You can then use these tags as “Support Pokemon” to have them join your party and help in battle. You can get a maximum of five tags per play.
  • The extra powerful and rare “Super Star Pokemon” will also appear during the Special Tag Battle co-op play.