Pokémon Go’s North Face and Gucci avatar items are now redeemable through a code

You don't need to go to special PokéStops anymore.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is once again working to make certain aspects of Pokémon Go more accessible to players around the world during the ever-evolving global pandemic. This time, the developers are adding a simple expansion to the rollout of The North Face x Gucci Collection avatar items that were recently made available in the game for a limited time. 

Originally, players would need to travel to a number of locations across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia to interact with PokéStops located at Gucci Pins, which are pop-up shops in select parks and stores.

Players around the world can now just enter a code to receive The North Face x Gucci Collection hat, shirt, and backpack that became available on Jan. 4.  The code is redeemable in the in-game shop for Android users or on the Niantic website by signing in with your Pokémon Go account if you play on Apple devices. 

Here is the code you can use, and there is currently no date listed for when it will no longer be redeemable.


You can still visit any of the Gucci Pin PokéStops if they are still active in your area, but for those players who haven’t gotten the item drops yet, this code makes it easy to collect them.