Pokémon Go’s May events include Shinx Research Breakthrough

May is going to be a big month for Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has laid out the entire slate of basic events set to take place in Pokémon Go throughout May, which includes Shinx as a Research Breakthrough Reward. 

Along with the Flash Pokémon, there will be new Team Go Rocket Special Research and other Candy bonuses throughout the month thanks to the Spotlight Hour. 

Shinx will be available as the Research Breakthrough Reward for all players from May 1 to June 1. There will be multiple opportunities to capture the feline Electric-type and it’ll give you some bonus Candies when you do. 

For May’s Spotlight Hours, Niantic has set them to run every Tuesday at 6pm in your local time. These events are used to spotlight one Pokémon by giving it an increased spawn rate and including a special bonus that’s different each time. 

Here are all of the dates, Pokémon, and bonuses that will be used for each week’s Spotlight Hour in the coming month.

  • May 5: Shellder and double capture Stardust
  • May 12: Sunkern and double capture EXP
  • May 19:Poochyena and double capture Candy
  • May 26: Bronzor and double transfer Candy

Team Go Rocket have been absent from the game outside of the extended Shadow Entei research. But from May 1 until the end of September, there will be new Special Research available. Professor Willow will reveal more information to players when the new research beings to roll out. 

Other gameplay features, like season two of the Battle League, Legendary Pokémon returning to raids, and Throwback Challenges for previous generations, are all happening in May. Now is the perfect time for trainers to jump back into the game.