Pokémon Go will add special Timed Research to celebrate Turkish language support

This is essentially a "welcome to the game" bonus.

Image via Niantic

A new set of Timed Research is about to be added to Pokémon Go for players in Turkey as the game completes it rollout of Turkish language support. 

The Timed Research, which will run from July 14 to 21, is titled Old Friends, New Beginnings and will be available for all players in the local area. 

For this specific set of research, Niantic is working to get new and returning players alike out and about, exploring their local area and interacting with others while catching special Pokémon like the Kanto starters. 

During the Old Friends, New Beginnings Timed Research, players will specifically encounter Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu more frequently while playing with other players. A new one-time purchase bundle will be added to the shop during this celebration, too. 

This is not the first time Niantic has hosted region-exclusive research in Pokémon Go—nor is it likely to be the last. Most of the time this is centered around additions such as new languages or in-person events that have significant meaning to the local areas.

Unfortunately, because this is currently only being marketed for players in Turkey, global Pokémon Go players won’t have access to this Timed Research. It isn’t a big miss since it looks like a simple introductory bonus to entice new players to get out and enjoy the game, but Niantic will occasionally tie these types of bonus content in with a widely available bonus for other regions too—though that isn’t the case this time.