Pokémon Go still boasts 80 million monthly players, but daily stats tell another story

Fans are confused about what it means.

Pikachu and other Pokemon.
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Pokémon Go’s monthly player count is still soaring above 80 million users despite all the boycotts and outrage within the community as of late, according to ActivePlayer.io using data from SensorTower and Statista on May 1. The maximum daily user count, however, appears to be on the slide—telling a different story.

ActivePlayer.io’s chart shows Pokémon Go has reportedly had 80,255,089 active players in the last 30 days. It’s several hundred thousand players higher compared to recent months, and the fourth-highest monthly users since Nov. 2021. As for the daily count, it is down to 5.35 million, which isn’t too dissimilar from February and April this year.

Before that, however, it was sitting at a much healthier eight million to nine million, suggesting the dissatisfaction and unrest in the community has taken a toll.

As you’d expect, the Remote Raid Pass changes and subsequent strike played quite a role in the changing numbers. The saga started in February, right around the time the decline in the maximum daily player count happened. Niantic accidentally revealed their plans to do it during that month, and although it wasn’t confirmed until March 30 and put into motion until the first week of April, it set the wheels in motion.

It is interesting the average monthly player count appears to be on the rise while the daily count has declined. Fans are confused too. Some suspect the 80 million could actually be based on logins, not players. Others claim there could have been an influx of new accounts to circumvent the raid limits.

A handful of players even raised doubts about the data itself, especially since ActivePlayer.io insists they are only estimates.

Either way, all eyes will be on the Pokémon Go player count in the coming weeks and months to see if the boycott and strike had a lasting impact, or whether it was a short-term fad that failed to make waves. At this rate, it looks like it could be the latter.

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