Pokémon Go Carnival event is live for players in Latin America

The region-exclusive event will run until Feb. 19.

Image via Niantic

Starting today, Pokémon Go players in Latin America can enjoy the Carnival two-day event, which will feature increased spawn rates and shiny Jigglypuff. 

Carnival is a traditional event that normally takes place in February and March throughout many countries around the world, though it’s most popular in places like Brazil and Spain.

On Feb. 18 and 19, players will see increased spawn rates for Diglett, Jigglypuff, Hitmontop, Torchic, Lotad, Kricketot, Munna, and Emolga when using Incense, while Incense itself will last for three hours. Kricketot and Emolga will be the featured raid battles on each day, with both appearing for one hour starting at 6pm local time—Kricketot today and Emolga tomorrow.

A special event box is also live in the in-game shop for free, giving Latin American and Caribbean players 50 Poké Balls, two Incense, 10 Razz Berries, and a Remote Raid Pass.

The Carnival event will end on Feb. 19. If you’re in an area where it’s live, make sure to at least grab that event box before it’s removed.