Pokemon Go Battle League updates changes matchmaking UI, Charged Attacks

This update also applies to Gym Battles and Raids.

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go has a new update, which will impact a few aspects of the Go Battle League, including a UI for Rankings and Charged Attacks.

Of the changes being made, the most important is that players can now view how many Charged Attacks their Pokemon are capable of pulling off at once, where previously you wouldn’t be able to see that. 

For every Charged Attack available for you to use in Battle League matches, Raids, and Gym Battles, you will see a white ring appear around the attack button. There will be seperate rings for each available attack, letting you see them for each attack your Pokemon is capable of using.

Other than that, Battle League ratings have been temporarily removed from the matchmaking screen for Trainers who are Rank Seven or above. This is Niantic’s attempt at discouraging avoiding battles against highly rated trainers. 

It is said in the patch notes this is only going to be a part of the matchmaking system until the developers can find a better, long-term fix for the issue. 

As for other updates, players will soon be able to use their Apple ID to sign into Pokemon Go and the Meltan Box can no longer be activated while an Incense is already active in the overworld. A new feature called PokéStop Scan is also going to be added soon, which will let players opt-in and help contribute to building 3D maps of PokéStops and Gyms.

Lastly, select Trainers using compatible devices will soon be able to use the Reality Blending feature in AR Snapshots. 

And like always, this update also fixed a lot of issues that have been discovered or reported to the devs over the last several weeks. Here is a full list of all of the bugs that have been patched. 

  • Fixed an issue in which tapping Fast Attacks quickly caused a delay in the next Charged Attack or switch during Battle
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Trainer to softlock the app if their Pokémon fainted during an opponent’s Charged Attack while experiencing severe latency
  • Fixed an issue that caused Fast Attacks against Team Leaders and Team GO Rocket to land more quickly than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused the completed research notification to pop up twice for the same research task
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Team Medallion to not be purchasable in the Shop
  • Fixed an issue that caused the catch ring color to change slightly when any Berry was used, even if the Berry did not increase the catch rate
  • Fixed some minor layout issues that caused text to overlap with other UI elements in certain languages