Pokémon Go Battle League season 5 is bringing a slightly different format

The normal Leagues are taking a slight hiatus.

Image via Niantic

Season 5 of the Pokémon Go Battle League is going to be shorter than most previous seasons, Niantic announced today. And the developer has also changed how the rank progression will work, but only for season five. 

Instead of rank progression focusing on the use of ratings, players will rank up by winning a set number of battles starting on Nov. 9 when season five begins. Basically, to reach rank two, you need to complete a set number of battles. To reach ranks three through 10, you need to win a certain number of battles.

On top of the rank progressions changes, season five won’t be following the usual League format either, replacing the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues with the Little, Kanto, and Catch Cups.

Here are all of the details you need for each of those Cups and their requirements. 

  • The Little Cup: Nov. 9 to 16
    • Only Pokémon that can evolve and haven’t evolved at all are eligible.
    • CP limit is 500
  • The Kanto Cup: Nov. 16 to 23
    • Only Pokémon listed in the Pokédex between numbers 001 and 151 are eligible.
    • CP limit is 1,500
  • The Catch Cup: Nov. 23 to 30
    • Only Pokémon that have been caught during season five are eligible. 
    • CP limit is 1,500
    • Mythical Pokémon like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini aren’t allowed.

Niantic is keeping most of the other features the same, including no walking requirement to compete in the Battle League. The Friendship level requirement for battling remotely will remain at Good Friends throughout season five, too. 

Here’s everything else that’s remained the same from season four. 

  • The avatar items inspired by Pikachu Libre will continue to be rank seven rewards.
  • You can still encounter Pikachu Libre once you’ve reached rank 10.
  • The end-of-season rewards will be similar to those in season four.
  • Stardust from rank one to three as a reward.
  • Stardust, TMs, and a Premium Battle Pass from rank four to 10

The last major change for season five is that starting at rank seven, players will have a chance to encounter legendary Pokémon on the Go Battle League rewards tracks. Those legendaries will be the same as the ones appearing in five-star raids, while the rest of the Pokémon you can encounter on the rewards tracks will remain unchanged from season four.