Pokémon Go Battle League rankings are live after swapping to Master League

Players have another thing to strive for.

Image via Niantic

With today’s transition to the Master League, the Pokémon Go Battle League rankings are officially live, displaying the top 500 players in the world from the current league cycle. 

The entire leaderboard is updated daily and will keep track of the best players in the world as everyone tries to climb the ranks and up their battle rating in the Battle League. 

The rankings show the individual rank, battle rating, and total matches for each player, along with their nickname and chosen team (Valor, Mystic, or Instinct). If two players have an identical battle rating it will mark them as tied for the placement, regardless of how many battles the players have been a part of. 

Screengrab via Niantic

In the first official Battle League Season One rankings, Arrogantzor is representing Team Mystic at the top of the list with a 3,169 battle rating in just 427 total battles. The second-ranked player, TheAsianMilkMan, is at a battle rating of 3,156 with 752 battles, showing that the number of battles is not valued at all in the upper rankings. 

Ranks also only matter to a certain point as starting at the 197th spot, DatDogDude is the first Rank Nine player to be higher on the leaderboard than a Rank 10 player. That trend continues throughout the 200s until the end of the listing, so battle rating is really the only stat that matters after a certain point.

It is still unclear just how the battle rating number is tallied after each set of Battle League matches, but as the rankings continue to change, the community will learn more about how the system works. 

Rankings are based on the previous day’s game ratings for every trainer that is Rank 7 or up and updates between 3pm and 5pm CT each day. As previously stated, any player who has an active disciplinary action or inappropriate trainer nickname won’t be taken into account for the list.

The Marill Battle Day event that coincides with this new launch begins on April 12 as players try to climb into the Top 500.