Pokémon fan creates thrifted cosplay of Akari from Legends: Arceus

This fan is ready to roam the wilds of Hisui.

Image via The Pokémon Company

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, players quickly join the Galaxy Team’s Survey Corps, giving them access to the team’s official outfit. These clothes look very similar to what players may remember the main characters wearing in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

For many Pokémon fans, this outfit was another cosplay option but one that was a lot more complex than the outfits of previous protagonists in the series. Yet this particular fan was up to the challenge, looking to show that though the Survey Corps outfit may appear intricate, a thrifting haul could get all of the parts needed to complete the look.

This fan used entirely thrifted clothes to recreate the base appearance of the female protagonist, Akari, from Legends: Arceus. For the parts of the outfit that they couldn’t match completely, such as Akari’s skirt and stockings, the fan used parts of different fabrics to maintain the native Hisuian look. They even placed the Galaxy Team’s logo on the side of the jacket, making sure to not miss any key details.

With the look completed, this fan ventured into an open grassland resembling the Obsidian Fieldlands, the first area that players explore in Hisui outside of Jubilife Village. Complete with Akari’s headkerchief and bright-red scarf, this fan looked ready to brave the wilds in a cosplay expertly crafted using just thrifted items.

While cosplaying any character can be a tedious and expensive endeavor, fans like this showcase how the pastime can be accessible to anyone.

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